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Behind Selina Hydron

Luana Spinetti

Luana sipping coffee at restaurant 🙂

Hello there! 🙂

Oh yes, you guessed it right — this woman to the right is the mind and hands behind Selina Hydron.

I’m Luana Spinetti, a creative freelance blogger and copywriter based in Italy. Very nice to meet you!

I’m sure you are here because you have been wondering where that fun Steelgenean robot copywriter came from and, maybe, why such a character exists in the first place.

Selina Hydron was born from my passion for copywriting and my love for Sci-Fi robot stories

I’m a big fan of Asimov’s stories, Go Nagai’s robot anime and giant sentient robots like Transformers.

I’m also an artist (yes, all artwork of Selina Hydron on this blog is my work) and a storyteller.

And I’m a copywriter and blogger by profession.

So I thought “why not create a copywriter character to be both helpful and entertaining to my fellow writers?”

I like to combine my passions to create something unique and meaningful, and then let’s be honest — we bloggers, writers and copywriters have to put up with serious stuff every day for several hours a day and sometimes we miss the fun side of life because… well, work is work. As much as we love it, it still comes with its package of stress to deal with.

But what if reading content that helps other copywriters (and bloggers, and general writers) was also fun and entertaining? What if writers could walk away with new knowledge and a relaxed mind at the same time?

Fun improves health and makes us better professionals and I hope reading Selina’s blog will make you a better writer while you feel as good as after watching a good movie.

Selina Hydron is a Blogging Character (ever heard of Character Blogging?)

Character blogging is the practice of blogging in the shoes of a fictional character, for fun or for business.

I have written about the topic in the past because character blogging is something I enjoy doing since 2005, as Lauren Tharp reported in this interview at The Penny Hoarder.

I recently launched a blog to give advice specific to character blogging for business — Biz Character Blogging — where I will share all my character blogging secrets, and how also a hobby character blog can turn out remunerative.

Do You Want A Character Like Selina Hydron
BUT Can’t Create One?

If you can’t come up with an idea for your blogging character or you don’t know how to proceed, I will be happy to assist you. 🙂

My basic package includes:

  • Brainstorming session to come up with a good character idea that will work for you
  • Character design (written concept and artwork) and world building
  • Coaching to get the first two blog posts written in your character’s POV

This package is valued at $500, but I’m keeping it low at $150 until the end of 2020.

In addition of character creation and coaching, if you can’t handle the blogging part yourself, I also offer character blogging services (600-1,200 words, contact me for a quote for longer posts) to suit every need:

  • 2 blog posts a month $250
  • 4 blog posts a month $400
  • 8 blog posts a month $850

One year of editorial calendar management comes FREE with each blogging package.

Interested? Hit me up at with “Character Blogging Services” in the email subject.

Thank you!